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Monday, May 30, 2016

Good Day Sunshine

It's tourist season in Victoria... which always results in a mixed feeling.  It's sort of annoying to discover that there's now a line up in your favourite coffee shop, and that all of a sudden you need reservations to eat out at your favourite places. However, it's the pedestrian traffic that sort of gets to me.  It's just best to avoid cycling through downtown because traffic lights and cross walks no longer have meaning when the throngs of tourists are great enough to take over the road regardless of the rules.

However, there are many benefits to living in a tourist centre... loads of good restaurants, museums and well maintained parks are just a few. My favourite part about about the onset of tourist season is that it is also the start of festivals and events season!  And living in downtown Victoria means that most of these events are just a short walk away.

Victoria is so crazy for these special events that there is a whole magazine, 32 pages long, detailing every single event taking place in the downtown Victoria area... and unlike most tourist 'zines, it doesn't have any advertising and very few pictures.  Yes, Victoria is that insanely busy with events.  When we first moved here I always felt the pull to be off doing everything that was on offer.  Now as a seasoned Victorite, I know enough to relax and pick my favourites.

For example, last weekend we had our choice of: a Vintage Scooter Rally, Uno Fest, Cheese & Meat Festival, The Highland Games and Celtic Festival.  None of which we attended. However we did attend the Victoria Day Parade, and the Kite Festival!
This weekend we had our choice of: the Selkirk Waterfront Festival, Swiftsure International Yacht Race, and we decided to attend la Festival de la Francophonie.  And I'm please to say that Nikolai's French education is clearly working as he had very little problems conversing with everyone at the festival in French! We had fun playing Pétanque.

And watching the balloon animal artist.
 So if you're planning a visit to our lovely spare room this summer, be sure to check out the city guide to find out what events will be on while you're here!

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