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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sweet dreams are made of cheese.

Despite my promises... I still haven't found myself with extra time to blog! I guess busy people lead busy lives!

So what have we been up to?

Well the kids have been sick (yes, there are 3 sick kids on the couch... but the extra one hangs out often enough that the germs just go through them all at the same time). In this photo the preschoolers are on the mend, while the big kid has just started with the flu.  It was a fun week that ended with the adults getting sick!

And we've had some visitors. Dylan has been working in Victoria for the past few weeks, and we have been lucky enough to have him help with bedtime stories on several occasions.

We've also been busy with all the usual holiday stuff... which in Victoria means that we've been crazy busy! (The total thus far... and it's only December 9th... is two parades, two parties, Bear Wear, The Festival of Trees, and The National Gingerbread Showcase. I agree... it's fairly ridiculous. But everything is only a few blocks walk from our house, so what are we to do?)

The highlight so far this year was definitely Nikolai's ukulele concert! I've included two photos... one so you can see how big the auditorium was (and the back of Uliana's head).  And the second is a close up of Nikolai concentrating on his music.

However, this is honestly what has taken up all my time:

I know... it IS exciting! Look how messy the kitchen is... and I've started a new fashion trend too!

Maybe this photo will help explain things?

Yes, I've spent the month making cheese for my Fermentation blog!

I've made a total of 5 different types of cheeses thus far. They are currently "ripening" (or at least they are growing weird molds) in my guest room. We've sealed the door off, and opened the window to turn it into a true cheese ripening cave. Mind you, it's not so pleasant for the visitors. But we should be finished in the next 8 months!

Just kidding... I'm going to pull all the cheeses by March.  However, my hard Italian-style washed rind cheese would truly appreciate a year long ferment, so it will only be grudgingly eaten. (I hope... It is one of the mold-growing varieties so I won't know whether it succeeded until the very end.)