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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Birthday Suit

We've been busy... but I mainly don't have good photos of what we've been busy doing.  (That's what happens when you're having fun!)  Instead, here are a few staged family photos from last weekend:

And a photo of Uliana's first EVER pair of new shoes (a gift for her second annual tea party -no photos included because it's nearly impossible to manage 7 toddlers running about, let alone photograph them!)
Uliana also was busy participating in Naked Gardening Day (though she likes to garden nude most days... so no excuse was really needed).
Lastly, here's two photos for Baba (Thank You Baba!) of Nikolai and Papa playing with the remote controlled pirate ship.  Captain Nikolai was the scourge of all the ducks in the boat pond!