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Thursday, April 30, 2015

I'm walking on Sunshine!

The weather has been great!  Which is definitely fun for life!  (Though they're predicting a summer of drought and water restrictions... we don't mind brown grass).

We have spent most of our time building six large planters. The list of tasks has been endless... from getting the wood... to building them... lining them... filling them with soil... (we got 3 tonnes of dirt that we hauled up a flight of stairs to our decks in buckets) and then we finally did our planting last night.  So here's before photo of our blah, empty front deck... and Uliana and Brad working away.  I'll post the after photo once we've got some sprouts.  Right now they are mostly just expensive works of art describing the importance of dirt.
And Nikolai finally lost his other front tooth!
And now to finish off some pics from the TC 10 K this weekend.  As per usual... Brad ran the full race, Nikolai and I ran the 1.5 km race and Uliana road the route in high flying style.  However, I do think she might have been trampled by the onslaught of excited 7 year olds if had she decided to run on her own.
The kids also had fun getting inked.

Running through the obsticle course (Uliana was the smallest person able to do it.  She's very determined when she wants to be!)

And Meeting a giant carrot!
We have a very busy weekend coming up, so I may have another blog to share next week or two.  I feel like it's the start of summer already.  The rest of our DIY projects will have to wait until fall. There are too many adventures to be had!

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Spring is in the air

It is gorgeous out!  The warm sun on the balcony is calling to us.  Enticing us to start our second big project... we want to build massive planters for both our front and back balconies.

However, first I want to show some before/after pictures of our first big moving in project (we also painted, and put shelving into the laundry area... but it's just a laundry room... and not that photogenic!)

I'm particularly proud of this effort because we have never tackled a DYI project quite of this scope before.  (Well... except the time we laid hardwood flooring... but I was 9 months pregnant with Nikolai at that point so I wasn't really involved).

Anyways, here's the before pictures of our tiny half-bath:

It was pretty blah... and in need of TLC.

Here are the after pictures.  We used a wallpaper beadboard to divide up the space and make it feel larger.  The floating shelves were cheap and easy.  The last picture shows how we built them out of painted plywood and trim.

It's really hard to take photos of a closet bathroom... but let me assure you, it is a much nicer room for reading in. :-)

And here are some Easter photos from the Co-op Easter egg hunt and egg dyeing party. I only included photos without other people in them... so I only had limited options.

However, here's a close up of Nikolai's toothless grin and Uliana's "black eye".  (It turns out that like Nikolai and I, she doesn't bruise.  She did swell though... and had a half closed eye for a few days.)

And perhaps the most exciting news of all... though the Easter Bunny filled eggs with socks, stickers and seeds for their gardens... Nikolai did eat A LOT of candy from the co-op egg hunt and only had a minor amount of eczema show up!  I was busy telling everyone that he must have grown out of his allergies... when a friend pointed out that maybe my year of fermented foods had really improved his digestive system!

On that note, I'm still blogging at Fermenting for Foodies... but I've yet to cover the costs of running it.  The passive ads really don't work, and likely Amazon will pull my affiliate status soon if I don't start getting some clicks.  I'm up for any ideas that anyone might have as to how I can improve the situation?!

With more than 100 recipes and 3000 readers last month it seems a shame to give up on the blog.  But at the same time... I'm not sure how long I can devote myself to this kind of project... as I'm already starting to look for a proper desk job.

Ah the adventures of parenting in the Modern Era!