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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Taking Baba along for the ride

It's been over a month since my last post!  Seems nearly impossible... but time is flying as we are so busy moving in to our new house.  There's also the two weeks of March break (in the middle of the second week) and Baba (Brad's mother... Baba is Russian for Grammy) is visiting for most of this month.

She has arrived during a time of chaos... boxes everywhere, painters coming and going, groceries to be bought.  But she has also arrived during a spell of good weather (we promised her that Victoria has a pretty beautiful spring).  She is adjusting to the energy required to tag along in our car-free lifestyle.  And she has made me realize how many great places there are to visit within just a short 1.5 km walk of our house!

We took her to Fisherman's Wharf and fed the seals.  We went to look in some tidal pools and throw rocks.

We went downtown for tea at Murchies. And to Beacon Hill park to visit the baby farm animals.

With all the walking and biking... Baba will be in great shape by the time we're through with her!

And here are a few glimpses of our new space.  Here is a picture of Uliana's belly tattoo.

 And we had a roll your own sushi night (complete with edemame, seaweed salad and miso soup).

And the kids had a camp out in our guest room / writing room (I really spend most of my free time writing these days).
We LOVE our new place.  It big, bright and has plenty of room for us.  The location is pretty darn amazing, and the coop is comprised of many vibrate and interesting people.  We're planning on being here for a while, so we've got plans to fix up the place to our taste.  I'll post some before and after pics as I get to them... the first big job is to put up beadboard in the half bath!  Hopefully it will get done in the next few weeks.