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Thursday, January 22, 2015

I could skate away

I am busy with the move.  It takes up all those few spare moments I have... to pack boxes... but mainly organize.  Our move is related to a cascade of two other moves... and

as it turns out, I am this year's Chair of the Maintenance Committee...

which means a lot of work... making sure all the units are ready, getting repairs, coordinating move out inspections...

then there's the paperwork that seems to be forever lost under a pile of more paperwork.

Meanwhile the kids still get most of my time!  So here are some pictures of Nikolai skating on the lawn of the Empress.  We took him a total of 3 times this season.  He went from needing support to speeding around the rink!

It's amazing how quickly his brain is learning new things.  His reading skills have also sprung up from nowhere!  It seems that an interesting story is all that he needs to learn how to read.

Now here are two pics of a project that I have been working on for EONS.  I seriously started this last spring hoping to give it to Nikolai in the summer... at least I have good sewing companions, or I never would have finished it!

Monday, January 05, 2015

Say it's true, it's true...

The new year has started out full of promise.  First and foremost, Uliana slept through the entire night (7pm to 6:30am) on Jan 1st!  That was something she has NEVER done before... and I can't help but feel that it is a sign of good things to come.

Equally exciting is the fact that we will be moving into a 3 bedroom unit in our co-op on March 1st! Though this means that some of Nikolai's favourite friends will be moving away from the co-op, this move will have a number of advantages for us.  Not only will we have 3 bedrooms, but it is also one of the corner units so we will have windows on 3 sides of our home!

Our main excitement around the move comes from the fact that the living area is a good deal larger than our current space, and there is at least three times the amount of storage.  In fact, it has at least 3 walk in closets that are large enough to double as an office, a sewing room, or an electronic's lab (clearly we've already been eyeing up the space!)

Here are some pics from our holiday season.

Thanks Baba for the cute birthday outfit.
Guess which one has on fake reading glasses?
And here's Nikolai working off his Christmas morning excitement.
Who put face paint in the Christmas Crackers?  Clearly doing your own make up takes talent!

Brad had a bit too much helium on New Year's Eve!