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Saturday, May 04, 2013

The sweetest little baby I ever did see

As with most of my blog titles... the above is a lyric from a song.  It happens to be a kid song, all about how it would be better to get a cat and not a baby.  But the song ends with the kid loving his little sister and asking his parents to have another.

It is a fitting theme for our week, because Uliana went from crying all the time to laughing her head off at EVERYTHING Nikolai does.  He totally hams it up for her in a way that reminds me of The Three Stooges, and they both fall apart in fits of giggles.

It begs the question of what happened? Where did my crying baby go?  She did not get a tooth and is still a teething monster.  Regardless, the change in her behaviour between this week and the past month is dramatic.

So, what happened is that I went to the chiropractor (holding a screaming baby for hours on end wrecks your back). As per usual, Uliana screamed through my entire appointment.  So the chiropractor asked to look at her, and while she was maneuvering up Uliana's back she hit a spot mid-back that made Uliana YELP in pain.  After about 15 minutes of gentle maneuvering Uliana was much calmer.

I was taught how to massage the sore spot (and I can feel the knot of muscles, as it is very noticeable).  So now we'll just do a monthly check up and I'm responsible for massaging her.  Meanwhile Uliana is much happier, and consequently everyone else in our house is much happier too!

(Apparently quick births can be tough on little bodies, and Uliana was out in 4 pushes even though I was only 6 cm dilated, so it was epic on the scale of fast births.  The reason why it wasn't a problem earlier is because it didn't bother her until she started sitting and moving around.)

In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo we have spent the week crafting a pinata.  So today's recipe is a DYI instructions for a pinata.  We made a simple one, but I'm sure you could get creative with multiple balloons and cardboard shapes, etc.

1. Make a simple, no-cook paper mache paste out of 1/2 cup of white flour and 1 cup of water.  Mix until smooth.
2. Rip strips of newsprint, dip the newsprint in the paper mache paste, wipe off excess and paste it to the balloon.  The build up at least 2 layers of newsprint on the balloon.

3. Allow the form to completely dry, then either paint it or glue on coloured tissue paper.  We added tissue paper using watered down glue (about 1 tsp glue and 2 tbsp water) which we used to paint the tissue paper onto the balloon.

4. When the top layer is dry cut the balloon and remove it from the form.  Then cut a small hole in the top of the pinata and fill it with whatever you want (Nikolai stuck in a random assortment of toys and I added some treats).
5. There are a number of options to finish it off... You can choose to close the hole with some tape.  You can hang it up by making holes and tying string through the holes.  We're going to leave our hole open and hang it up by wedging a stick in the hole with a string tied to it.
 We started off in the living room (those magical rainbow lights are coming from the stain glass windows).
 But it was too dangerous so we moved to the back deck.  Nikolai ended up finally breaking it after a few good bashes.
Now for some Uliana pictures from the week.  We decided to give her some "food" to play with because meal times had become impossible.  She simply would not allow anyone to eat in front of her and was irate the whole time.  This avocado was officially her first food. She mostly used it as finger paint.
It didn't take her long to decide that it wasn't a good substitute for the real real dinner.

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Dina said...

Glad to hear Uliana is happier now. What a relief to find out what is wrong poor bubby. Looking forward to reading how your pinata goes. I've been making them since we bought the first one and it was just basicaly a card board box and tissue paper. The poor kindy kids could not break that box and Ben ended up having to bash it! So now I've been making them for the last 4 or 5 years. Various problems have occured such as one year the string broke and it became pinata soccer. Still with lollies and toys inside so it was all good. Tell me how the stick works! Dinax

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