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Thursday, January 03, 2013


We're all in a state of "babymoon" with Uliana.  Even Nikolai is enchanted with his little sister (though mostly because she wakes up twice a day to provide a captive audience for his antics). 

As for me, I am feeling fantastic.  I had been quite dragged down the last few weeks of my pregnancy.  At the time I blamed the colds and flues that we were all stricken with, but likely my poorly functioning liver had been taking a toll.  Within 3 days after giving birth my choleostis symptoms had disappeared and I was feeling more energetic.  Having had a few years of practice with Nikolai, even the night wakings aren't that bad.

Since Brad has been staying home and preschool is out for the holidays, we've been out enjoying ourselves.  Uliana's been out for coffee, to a playdate, and the BC Royal Museum.  We've been out for lunch twice and celebrated New Years Eve at a pub nearby. 
But my favorite event would have to be the New Years Day Levees.  Victoria has a number of public buildings that open their doors and serve refreshments to the public.  We decided to go to the Maritime museum, and were amazed to discover that the whole museum was open for us to explore!  Not only that, but they had crafts, costumed performances and apple cider!  Unfortunately we didn't bring our camera, however, the museum was really well done. Nikolai could have easily spent more time exploring the Pirate exhibits so we'll probably go back.  (The photo above is Uliana in her outdoor garb, and Nikolai at the Christmas Celebrations at Helmcken House.)

Now for a recipe.  Rather than finding oranges (high sucrose) in the bottom of our stockings, Santa gave us pomegranates.  Unfortunately Nikolai was not thrilled with the bitter seeds in the pips, so we were left with quite a few pomegranates to get through.  After looking up the health benefits of pomegranates and realizing that the seeds were not an omega powerhouse, and that their nutritional benefits were limited to being a source of fiber, I decided to juice the fruits.

Pomegranate Juice
1. Remove pips from the pomegranate.  This can be made simpler by hitting the fruit with a wooden spoon before breaking it open.

2. Place pips in a cheese cloth.

3. Squeeze the pips until all the juice is out of them.  This is pretty fun to do, and we all took turns.  You could use a juicer or a blender to extract the juice, but you would risk damaging the seeds and releasing the bitter flavour.

On average one pomegranate produced about 2/3 of a cup of juice.  It was delicious, fun and totally something we will be doing again! 

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