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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Time and the Livin's Easy

My blog will likely remain in it's currently neglected state.  I do feel bad every time I fail to write an entry for the week.  But with the advent of summer, I will have no more preschool breaks, nor do I get any nap times.  I have a huge list of priorities... which mainly include keeping up with our garden, and regularly exercising my four-year-old boy. 

I also have plans to keep up with my writing.  My first novel has undergone five drafts, and is currently being critiqued.  So I am busy plotting and outlining my next novel.  Though where I will find the time to work on it still remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, we have been celebrating a fourth Birthday.  It could have been a disaster... having 6 kids over for a party on a rainy day.  Luckily, it was clear for the first half an hour, so everyone worked out their excitement by running around in our (and our neighbours') backyard.  (It was a Castle-Themed party.)
And I made a not diet friendly cake.  It's meant to look like a castle... so ignore the fact that it looks more like a Mosque!  I did it myself... and I am proud Non-perfectionist! 
However, Nikolai is still on a Sulfite and Sucrose free diet... so his actual birthday cake was much less exciting. (Note to self: I need to schedule a follow up visit with the allergist).  The diet definitely works.  And going off the diet is definitely BAD.  However, it seems like cheating occasionally is not really that bad. 

And here's a picture of Nikolai appreciating some of his gifts.  The red cowboy boots are from an Uncle in Wyoming. Wearing them made Nikolai so cool that he didn't have time to pose for a picture!

Lastly, a picture of Nikolai and I at the Tour de Victoria festival this past weekend.  I swear, there is ALWAYS something fun to do around here!  I'm sure we'll have a big city-wide party when Ryder Hesjedal finally comes home after the summer Olympics. We are definitely all excited for the Tour de France. Brad always is keen on following these races, so it's nice to have a hometown hero to support!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Taking Nikolai to the forest

Forests in Ireland are mainly comprised of deciduous trees and shrubs.  They are generally made of smaller trees and are quite bright.  So it is no wonder that Nikolai mistakenly considers every patch of shrubby in a well groomed park to be the local "forests".  This past weekend we decided to remedy the situation by cycling out to Goldstream Provincial Park for a night of camping in the woods.

 We were accompanied by our friends Dylan and Nancy.  And it was a great trip of not-so-adventurous camping!  The only snaggle was in trying to light the overly wet firewood that the park had provided for us to cook our veggie dogs. But luckily the next campsite over had some well-packed car camping folks who came to our rescue with some fire starters, so our second round of veggie dogs were roasted on the end of the stick.  It was so motivating an experience that Nikolai nearly ate his whole second hotdog simply because he'd cooked it himself over an open fire.

Now for a few pictures, but again my camera doesn't do justice to the magnificence of the over-towering giant trees, nor the lushness of the rain forest river.  The cliff side was seeping water, with drips forming on the tips of the ferns and the moss ladened branches and roots.  But here is my best attempt at sharing our very West Coast Wilderness.

A playground along the side of the Galloping Goose Regional trail (it took us nearly the whole way to the park).
Nikolai helping Brad pitch the tent.
Hugging a rather large tree (we saw larger ones, but this one was conveniently located next to our campsite.
And lastly a picture of Goldstream taken from beside the waterfall.  It was so sunny that all our pictures of the waterfall got bleached out... but you can see the lushness of the rainforest in this photo.