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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A house tour #1 - Nikolai's space

My interest in doing a "house tour" has three roots:

1. My sister, Claire, is coming to Vancouver in early May for a work related conference.  We'll be heading over to visit her there, but she won't be able to visit us in Victoria. 

2. We live in a house that is noted in a walking tour of Victoria with the following entry: 1905 Westview, Edwardian Classical, now stuccoed; note wall dormer, elegant veranda, granite foundation.
Apparently the fact that it has a name, Westview, and a granite foundation indicates that it was an important house at one point in time.

3. The Offbeat Home webzine is about the only thing I look at on a daily basis.  If I never say "hi" to you on Facebook, then it's because I'm too busy reading about a hobbit home or tree house.  While I might not have a home that cool... at least I have a granite foundation.

Today's photos are going to feature Nikolai's room.  Nikolai's room is tiny... and when we arrived the whole room was all painted the same creamy-coffee colour as the rest of the house.  It is also a north facing room. In general the whole effect was rather cold, dark and dreary.
 The room is also lined with wainscoting and a chair rail (clearly it was a dining room in a previous life).  So Brad and I devoted two Friday nights to the task of painting the wainscoting white (yeah we're THAT cool).  I think the brightening effect is quite amazing.
Now you might be impressed by the collection of toys on the floor.  Perhaps I was lying to you about it being a small room?  Where is Nikolai's bed?  And the answer would be... not in his room!  We'll be putting a twin bed in there this summer.  It will occupy nearly all the space where the toys are currently sitting. 

So where is Nikolai's bed?  Well, I'll start with the explanation... when we first arrived we thought that it would be easier for Nikolai to adjust if he slept in our room.  He was also waking up a lot at night, and it was easier for us if he was in our room.  Then we used his room to store random boxes of stuff.  Then we painted his room. And well, he's still occupying a corner of our bedroom.  But our room is rather large, so you can see that he really does have his own space.
 Now for a kid friendly recipe...

Mexican Pie

Grease a 10" pie plate. 

Mix together 1 can of refried beans (or 2 cups of homemade refried beans), 1 cup of flour, 1/4 cup of water and 1.5 tsp of baking powder until smooth.  Spread it evenly in the pie plate to make the "crust" of the pie.

Saute your favourite toppings until lightly cooked and spread it out on top of the pie crust.  Layer on some thick salsa and cheese.

Bake at 375F (180C) for 30 min.  Top with sour cream and guacamole and serve.

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