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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

View across Tyee Rd. from our apartment; we'll miss it.

Wow, my post consistency is pretty horrible... I'll be improving that while we're in Ireland. Yup, we're off again! This time to the town of Maynooth, just outside of Dublin. I've been chosen to hold a post-doc position at the Hamilton Institute. We'll be heading over just before New Years, and live there for 2 years. We're very excited for the adventure, and are looking forward to living in a new place. I'll try to keep this blog updated with how we're making out over there.

Otherwise, things are going well. My time at Vecima was fun, and the move is motivated by a chance to really exploit all the skills I developed after 6 years at SFU. Nikolai is picking up new words everyday, so perhaps we'll come back with an Irish accented toddler! Emillie has top-secret plans for her time there (I'll just say that I trust that the new scenery will be very influential :) ).

As for gardening, we're hoping that the suite we end up with will allow us to lay down some planters or something similar. The climate appears to be similar to Victoria, except that the summer is 5 deg colder and 50 mm wetter. Which is great for most veggies (just not for those solanaceae...).