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Friday, December 19, 2008

Wow, what a crazy last few months. Nikolai is growing strong, I've completed my Ph.D., and have gotten a job in Victoria (hence, we now live in Victoria!). On the downside, we've lost our vast support network, but on the upside, we have an (almost) new city to explore! It's odd: even though we completed our undergrad degrees in Victoria, we feel like it's an entire new city now that we're NOT students any longer.

On the garden side, we managed to get a plot in the Rayn or Shine Community Gardens over on Raynor Street in Vic West. It's only a short 10-15 minute walk from our suite in Dockside Green (very nice spot, although the neighbourhood is still 'under development' and is a far cry from the community spirit of Commercial Drive). We'll be planning out our planting schedule in the next month, but since we only have 1 small plot, it won't be as extensive as it has in the past. To fill the gap, we've found a local food delivery company that offers a truly local food box. They only populate it with foods from the Island, or at the furthest the Fraser Valley... the Okanagan is even too far away, although Northern Washington is in.

For my commute, the best part is that our apartment is on the Galloping Goose, and I can get about 1/2 way to work on it. I've taken a position as a Design Engineer, which is great because I could use some practical design experience after so long in the purely theoretical.