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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

All settled in Co-op now. The move was touch-and-go... having furniture really makes a huge difference, as I am used to the ol' student move (throw your single rooms contents in a few liquor boxes and off ya go). That, plus I haven't lived in a single place for more than 1 year in the past 10 years. Collections happen. Anyways, we managed to dodge the Dec. 1 dump (of snow), which was nice. In our neighbourhood, we had about 10cm during the day, and in Vancouver, that means packed sleet on the roads with 100,000 pairs of summer tires. That night, there were a few folks who appeared to be having their first Canadian winter (as much as that can be said in Vancouver); the hill outside our window had an especially nasty patch of black ice, and as soon as they started skidding half way up their climb up the hill, they halted and proceeded to set-up an impromptu 'barricade' at the top and bottom of the block, warning all potential 'victims'. Apologies to anyone who doesn't find this funny, it's just that this type of event is a right-of-passage for most teenagers in BC (as far as my childhood in the Kootenays leads me to believe). I had an incident at a roadblock which was set-up at the bottom of a hill, after a snowfall, and after enough cars have passed to make it slick. In short, I ended up 'bobsledding' past the RCMP officers with my window down, running a stop sign and the roadblock, with them waving me through like I was part of a presidential parade.