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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ahem... yes, I don't update often, but at least I update! It's been a wicked Oct, that's certain. We just found out we're getting into a co-op! We'll be moving in Dec 1st, into a newly renovated co-op; a bonus since most of the places we've been looking at are either just entering into the renovation phase, or on a waiting list. The renovations, of course, are for the ubiquitous 'leaky condos' that were built during the 70's and 80's in Vancouver, which cover basically all co-ops in the Grandview-Woodlands area we live in. Anyways, we have a nice South facing unit, and are very exciting in getting involved with all the new community events that will be available to us. If you don't know what this 'co-op' thing I'm talking about is, think of it as a low-investment condo unit. You buy a share into the co-operative housing company that owns and runs the building (which is made up of other co-op share holders, all of which are also residents). Then the residents collectively decide upon a monthly payment (depending on unit size, etc.), where the collected money goes to pay off the building mortgage. The question of what happens to the monthly rent once the mortgage is paid off is a good one, which I hope to figure out in the coming months.

Other news? I have received news that my latest journal paper was accepted. Woohoo! That's a major step to finishing my degree (getting a peer-reviewed paper in on your thesis work), so I'm quite happy about that.

And the garden: campus is going strong. The cabbages we planted in the summer are all eager to get eaten, and most are a good hefty size now. We even still have lettuce under the cloche at campus!