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Friday, July 20, 2007

'Homemade Pickles' Cucumber

What a wet week. I appreciate not having to water, but it's starting to take the zing out of summer. At least my efforts of transplanting around my fall cabbage are made very easy given the weather. Hopefully, we'll be eating our own cabbage until next summer!

The cucumbers are a bit stunted due to our wet spring, but I figure another week or 2 and I'll be picking some for sandwiches. Pickling will have to wait though: I only have 1 plant flowering, with 4 others still growing.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

'Siletz' Tomato

Here is our booming tomato patch. The indoor sprouted early Siletz are performing wonderfully, but no ripe ones yet... probably because the plants are overloaded. I can wait though...

Another funny thing this year: we tried to start cucumbers indoors, in some grass mesh seed cups. The story is that the roots should be able to grow through the cups, and the cukes can be transplanted without hurting the plant. We've had some trouble with this though, and about half of our cukes were greatly stunted in their early growth. Our direct-seeded cukes are actually outperforming some of the ones that were started indoors! We won't be using the seed cups again.

Friday, July 06, 2007

I'm late in posting, but it's been busy lately. I submitted a journal paper just before taking off for a week to NY state (a visit with Emillie's family). Plus, I heard back from the Washington Conference... it's a no-go, unfortunately. But I'm non-plussed about it, since SFU had too many submissions collectively. I get to resubmit, and make it a stronger submission.

In the garden, things are hitting high gear. I'll post some pictures of the happy peppers and eggplants soon... although something is eating some pepper leaves, and even one of the fruits has been 'opened' up. Must be tasty! But generally the cloche is a success. We already have 10cm long peppers, and we should be able to harvest in a week or two. Tomatoes and setting like crazy, with the early spring variety the size of small apples. And all the cucurbits (cukes and squashes)and starting to grow in the hot weather.