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Saturday, June 09, 2007

'Dusky' Eggplant seedling

Our first attempt at eggplants is going well. We're trying the big, black/purple variety that is so popular in stores right now, since it's supposed to be able to ripen within our summer-time. We'll be planting out seedlings under our cloche next week.

Three gardens are tough to organize, especially when they are each more than 6 km apart. I think we've settled into a plan and rhythm though, with the new SCG being our winter garden. We've started some cabbage seedlings indoors for the SCG; my plan is to be cabbage self-sufficient, at least. Onions are to be determined, but our overwintered ones from last year are starting to head. The Lower Mainland has a good local food 'machine' for the summer and fall months, with the farmer markets all around the city. It still lacks production for the mid to late winter, perhaps when they are either preparing for the summer crop or shipping it elsewhere to get a higher price, so this is what we will plan for.

For the summer food, everything is surviving and starting to thrive, except for the pole beans in the swampy portion of SFU. The slugs had their way. However, I was taught an important lesson this week. I was on slug tossing duty, and noticed one slug near our decimated, but not completely dead, zucchini sprout (I have trust it will rebound, on account of the zucchini's hardiness). This slug though, was intently munching on a weed. A simple theory, and one which I'm sure I've read in books before, but it's much more poignant to see it first-hand. So I plan to leave more weeds around the beans than previous in an attempt to waylay the slugs.