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Friday, May 11, 2007

'Aalsmeer' Cauliflower

Our gardens are just starting to take shape now. We've actually had the cauliflower that we overwintered head; it was amazing to see how quickly they flower. Come February, there was new growth in the centre of each plant, and at the beginning of April, you couldn't see the centre leaves anymore. Three weeks later, a small curd was visible. Very satisfying!

On campus, we've put the early tomatoes (a variety called Siletz, from Oregon) out under a cloche. We may have stressed them a bit too much and will probably not see the tomatoes as early as we'd have hoped, but they've been planted, and have started putting out some new growth. We've also tidied up our new plot, and have the oddest looking lettuce. If anyone out there has ever heard or seen of a dark, large leafed lettuce, with a Romaine shaped leaf, that has thorns down the spine of each leaf, send me a shout. I talked to the previous owner, who was only a caretaker for the plot for someone else last year. He said a Russian family had it, and that the lettuce was used... somehow.

And finally, Strathcona! The onions have been planted, and a few beets. Compared to the other sets of onions I see, ours seem pitiful; but I'm confident from last years wicked harvest that they'll come through and be the beautiful, sweet Walla Wallas that I dig so much! (I'm telling you, you could eat one like an apple!!).