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Monday, January 29, 2007

Yesterday, Emillie and I went to the monthly work party for the Strathcona Community Gardens (SCG). Of course, our secret plan was to capture more urban land for our devious plan(t)s... we will grow food everywhere! Muhahaha. We now have another 8 square meters of land. The SCG also allows us access to an orchard, a herb garden, and bees, so we have lots to learn about. I'll put up a few pictures once we've planned out our plot.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The holidays were good to us. A good visit with family in Vancouver and in Kelowna, and a nice five day retreat up at Big White. I now know why Big White is called a 'family resort', but I must admit it still has some really nice terrain... I'm still a Red Mountain boy at heart though.

Our winter gardening is starting to ebb. The kale almost drowned in the deluge last month (the garden paths turned into canals), but I managed to keep a few alive by lightening their load. The cabbage kept decent, even after a few snows and frosts. And the lettuce that we have kept alive under the cloche will hopefully be nothing but happy once the days start getting longer. We're looking forward to seeing the progress of pre-sprouting lettuce in the sun once it is warm enough to throw off the cloche.

And, I am now a Ph.D. candidate, having cast off the moniker of Ph.D. student. My proposal was accepted by my supervisory committee, and I'm free to run free in the academic wilderness. :> Basically, they think that my proposal won't be a publication pariah. Now, I just need to deliver!