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Thursday, October 12, 2006

'Fordhook Giant' Swiss Chard, September 2006

This year we're prepared for the Fall... well, better than last year anyways. Sometimes I wish I could be gardening full-time! At the campus plot, our kale are full size for the winter months. We'll be able to harvest them throughout the winter since we chose to plant the frost hardy Winterbor variety. Same goes with our 6 or so parsnips. I'm amazed as to how easy they were to grow! The biggest problem was germination; they took more than a month before we could tell anything was happening, and even then I think we lost 3/4 of those planted. Our garlic are still under ground, and our onions seem to have stopped growing. However, I think they're in the perfect position to take advantage of the Spring warmth, when it comes... gardening sure does teach you how to balance your present with your future, no doubt.

The graphic above is of our chard at our home garden. The chard, collards and cabbage are doing great. Our cabbage is heading, and we should be able to harvest in November (I don't think this variety does well in the frost). And our cloche lettuce is going crazy! The bit of heat at the end of summer has really boosted the size of the lettuce; we should be eating salads until the New Year, easily. Oh, and I planted a few rows of Fall radishes, for kicks, and they seem to be bulbing.

I'm in the midst of writing my thesis proposal. I'll post it up once I'm done (if you're interested). I have to do a presentation within this semester, and then I'm free to go complete all the tasks I'm setting myself right now. Exciting and foreboding all at the same time!