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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Unknown variety of Garbonzo Bean, August 2006

The summer gardens this year have turned out much better than last... no small part to the fact that we had to do minimal prep work this time, and we had a planting schedule setup in advance. The picture above is of our lone garbanzo bean (chick pea) plant. Emillie went out and picked up some organic chick peas, planted a few short rows, and voila! We'll use these chick peas next year for a bigger crop. The lentils sprouted much more vigorously, but I think they needed an earlier planting to be successful. As for the winter crop, I just put in 33 garlic cloves (a mix of Georgian Fire hardneck, Baba Franchuk hardneck, Russian hardneck, and Russian softneck), and have already sprouted a few rows of onions and kale.

Our tomatoes at the home garden worked out wonderfully. We've also been planting some greens for the winter season (the bonus of living in the lower mainland).

Campus life has become busier with the start of the fall term. My ongoing PhD work, coupled with the current student society debacle (some info at the first three articles of last weeks Peak) has made for a very busy start of semester. Hopefully things will cool down in time to enjoy the Vancouver Film Festival starting in a couple of weeks.