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Friday, July 21, 2006

Our gardens are coming along great this year. The winter planning has paid off, and the main mistakes we're making now are in the planning stage (ie. my kale doesn't have anyplace to be planted until the beets are harvested, and the harvest time overlaps the ideal planting schedule). Since our space is at a premium in the city, we try to wring every inch of soil.

Our campus plots took a hit during our 5 weeks away. All the beets and beans on the shady plot were eaten while sprouting. We've since replanted them (as soon as we got back, on June 20th), and they've come up with vigor. We've harvested our garlic; they turned out excellently, and they're bigger than the bulbs we see in the local organic stores. The onions we transplanted are bulbing as well; we hope to harvest them in a few weeks.

As for the sunny plot, the cucumbers did not enjoy the rainy weather of May at all. Only 1 plant survived the damp weather. I've replanted another 4 cucumber mounds, and they're just starting to grow out. The beets and beans have turned out well though, and we'll be taking beets home in the next week or so. Amazingly, the lentils that we planted took root! We bought the lentils from the bulk bins of the local organic store, and just threw them into the ground. We also have another single bush that we 'think' is the result of seeding garbanzo beans. We planted 2 rows, but the one bush is all that resulted.