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Monday, June 26, 2006

Back from the East now, and re-orienting to normal, non-cycle-tour life. The trip was a blast, and I'm glad we had such great weather for it (it didn't rain until the last day of cycling!).

The gardens are looking great, even though we had a few large plantings the weekend before we left. 5 weeks is definitely a long time to let weeds grow, but I'd estimate at 1/2 of our seeds making it. At home, Emillie's parents gave us a hand out (thank you!) and did enough weeding to allow our lettuce, carrots, tomatoes (which look great!) and peas to survive. At campus, I had no such help; on the sunny plot, amazingly enough, the beets and beans made it out relatively unscathed. Some of our organic lentils (care of some of the local grocer's) even came up! On the shady plot however, nothing made it. However, the garlic and the onions look very strong, and I've re-planted the green beans and beets in hopes of getting a partial harvest. I'll post some pics later.