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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I can feel spring coming in my bones! Vancouver has had a nice string of 20-some-odd days straight rain. But the rain hasn't been that heavy, and it's warmed things up a bit. Today in both gardens, we took a look and found our garlic is sprouting! Our first garlic... I'm all misty eyed. I think that this blog will probably turn into a synopsis of how our garden is doing in the coming months... we've got big plans!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Looks like we'll be updating the cycle touring page very soon... I've been accepted to present my latest paper at a conference in Istanbul (June 11-15), so Emillie and I will be taking the preceeding month off to travel around East Europe! We're very excited. We can't stop planning!

The new term is just about to begin, and I plan to take 1 course at UBC (almost certainly). Other than that, it's right into thesis work... including tonnes of reading. But I feel positive, and things are slowly lining up in my head.

Finally, our garden this year will look much better than last. We've already laid out our plans for the next 8 months, trying to maximize the output and length of our harvest. This will prove how well we can interpret the suggestions of the various gardening books we've been reading! If they work, we'll post the names and references.