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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Class, class, research, class... I'm keeping busy. Last class of the term tomorrow, then finals on the 8th and 9th, and I'm done my course work till next term. It seems to be a rule... when you're doing research, you can't wait to take a course, and when you're doing course work, you always want to be working on a research problem.
Garden-wise, both the Drive garden and the SFU garden are in winter mode. We decided to plant a few things in September and October to see how they fare: radishes, collards, chard and garlic at home, and radishes, chard, collards, cabbage, garlic and cauliflower at SFU. Everything looks good so far (we'll see what the recent snow does to the SFU crop), EXCEPT for a pesky house cat that has been tearing up our garlic and radish rows at home. What a trying experience! It has potentially destroyed 1/2 of our garlics, and ripped up almost 1/2 of our radishes! We have solutions lined up... Emillie has already covered a chunk of the garden with a garden mesh (actually, he was originally only in the garlic patch until Emillie covered it up with the mesh; he promptly moved next door to the radishes). We will plant rue all around the garden come Springtime, and perhaps spray a cayenne mixture in spots. If anyone has any ideas that WORK, send them our way!