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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Gardening is coming to an end for the year; but since we live in Vancouver, this is only because there are 3 months left to 2005! We've finished planting all of our winter crops; garlic, chard, cabbage, lettuce. And we've been busy double-digging our garden at home. What a pain, primarily because our lovely neighbour decided to let a slew of bamboo shoots run rampant on their side of the fence. If you've ever had bamboo to deal with, you know that they do not respect any sort of boundary. Bamboo sends roots and shooters all OVER the place! We've found new shoots aching to breach the surface on the FAR side of our plot! So I've been digging deep and pulling these 10 foot roots out of our garden in the hopes that next year we'll catch them before they get that large.

Academically, my courses are going fine. I've also signed on for the president's post for the Engineering Graduate Student Association; for the past little while I've been getting interested in more community oriented ideals, and this seems like a natural start for a fresh PhD student. We'll see how it goes, but I'm quite excited about it.

See you all at the critical mass!!

Ciao ciao,