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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

New semester is on. I'm tentatively taking 2 courses... that'll put me 1/2-way through my 6 course requirement. I'm also putting the final touches on my next conference paper. I've fingers crossed... if I get in this one, it's off to Istanbul! You can guess that Emillie and I will try to swing a small bike trip around it (I think a trend is emerging here...).

Our SFU garden is starting to bare. We've emptied about 1/2 of it, readying for a cover-crop of crimson clover for the winter. We're going to over-winter garlic, brocolli and some hardy greens like chard, cabbage, and collards.

Plus, it turns out we're inheriting the majority of our garden at home. The two suites that had interest in the garden are moving out, leaving us with almost complete control. Kinda cool. We're going to renovate and reform it, since it became very fragmented this summer, what with 3 groups of people just taking any free land there was. With the garden, we also get some established strawberry patch and a raspberry bush. They're small, but they'll be appreciated next summer! We're going to cover-crop the majority of it as well, and leave some space for some wintereing greens.