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Thursday, March 31, 2005

I've been updating our cycling page, and added a better synopsis of cycling in the Gulf Islands. We hope to add a few more islands to the list this summer; we've got Hornby in our scopes during a long weekend, and maybe we'll finally go to the North of Galiano. Our hopes of doing a trip to Kamloops are looking dashed however, since Emillie may not get her time off until September... we'll find out more the further into summer it gets.

I think I've got fully back into the swing of things at SFU. And man, are things ever under way up there! A few blocks of condos have gone up, and the commercial centre of things is half full (new restaurants, a pub, and a slew of boutique stores). In September, our labs move from slightly off the main campus back to the main engineering wing, so that's exciting; to be back in the middle of things again.

Why have a blog if you don't use it eh?