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Monday, April 26, 2004

Just received word that my first conference submission to the Personal Indoor and Mobile Research Conference in Barcelona has been accepted! So, I'll be in Barcelona between Sept 5th and 8th this year! Cool eh?

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Sweet As!! So, we spent Friday night in Reefton, a little gold mining village in a valley just before the true West Coast. Very nice! Braided rivers everywhere. The three of us, Read, Garth (our guide) and me, left early Sat morning to hit the water. We each caught 1, 1.5 and 2 lbs., and Read got a massive 6 lb. on line (for a second!). It was amazing... I mean, this fish is the grandpa eh? Huge, and knew that he was in trouble. Broke the line without a problem.
Well, entering my last week in ChCh. I'll be seeing all you Canucks in the next while eh?

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Welllll.... no rugby game for me, since the fishing trip is gonna probably take a bit longer than anticipated. We'll see, but it's not looking hopefully. But the trip is gonna be sweet! This buddy of mine has a friend on the West coast who is a guide, and he's gonna take us around. Primo!

This past Sunday I went to Hanmer Springs hotsprings. It was soooo nice... unique too, since they have like 6 different temperature pools, and you can REALLY tell the difference! Went there at night, so it was slightly foggy; the best for hot springs eh?

Well, coming near the end! I leave ChCh on next Friday morning (the 30th). Back to where the sun is!

Already got a trip planned to visit Dina and Ben, Mom and Dad, and Meesh, Fred and TJ. Kinda fly by wire, but it's on the long weekend, 1 day in the loops, 3 nights in the Gar and lunch or dinner in Kelowna, probably not the night, but our options are open. Emillie, me, and two of my lab mates from SFU are on the plate right now.

That's nuff right now...

Monday, April 12, 2004

Mellow weekend this long weekend. Finally made my visit to see the Kiwi bird. Went to Willowbank on Sunday and saw 4 giant brown kiwi. Awesome! Quite an odd bird, and I can see why they are such an icon. Never seen anything like it. It was very surreal, being in the nocturnal house with 4 kiwi running around, each about the size of a basketball with a 6 inch beak diving headfirst into the ground searching for worms. They have such the oddest movement I've ever seen! Also saw the Tuatara, an indiginous lizard that is touted as the last remaining dinosaur. About a foot long, and not too active, but supposedly can live up to 300 years! Crazyness...
2 weekends left! Getting close to the end over here. On my last weekend I'll most probably be the busiest, hopefully seeing a Bulls vs. Crusaders game at Jade Stadium (rugby) and going over to Westland for a bit of fly-fishing. Can't wait! Been a while...

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

On Saturday, I was cycling to Akaroa in my bike shorts and shirt in beautiful, 15+ deg weather. Today I cycled into work in rain, freezing my hands, at 3 deg. Weather systems here are quite fickle!
Yeah, last weekend, a friend of mine and myself cycled from Christchurch to Akaroa to stay on Sat. night. Awesome ride. Was a little drizzly on Sunday for our ride back, but bearable. The Summit Road is highly recommended on a clear day... the bay (if that's what it is called, don't remember) where Akaroa and Duvachelle are located is amazing, and the road also pops in behind some hills to get a view North and East of the ocean. Unreal... I'll have some pics to post when I develop them (no digital cam anymore!).