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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Sweet as! I won some tickets to an improv play for yesterday. Went with a buddy from work. Very nice! It was at the local Art Club Theatre ( They started with getting the improv terms from the audience (like "name a country" and "give me an object you buy at a grocery store", etc.). Then they modified their script to fit in all the stuff they gleaned from the audience on the fly. Very well done. Even had a live DJ; the DJ started a techno radio station in ChCh a while back, which is where I won my tickets from. The DJ did all the sound work. Pretty cool to see him trying to match these two improv actors actions with special audio effects.
Highly recommended!

Monday, February 23, 2004

Bummer. No more pictures for me. I lost the camera. Dropped out of my pannier.
Went surfing yesterday. Was good fun, and will hopefully head back out in the upcoming weekends.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Fairly slack weekend. Went to karaoke for a friends bday; good times.
Emillie and I are inching ever closer to our summer goal. We now have our tickets booked. Next is passport visas. :>
Last week I also gave my first tutorial at Tait. It went well, except for that it was on a boring and very detailed subject. Gives them some good notes to work from in the future though. My other tutorials should be funner. And I'll probably put something to spice it up, ala one of our ENSC profs. If anyone out there has any good ideas on how to spice up the boring bits, drop me a line.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Done. Got my Routeburn pics up. Check out the album (album A) (album B).
And if you want to see semi-professional pictures, this guy did the exact trek we did, only in reverse, and he took two extra days. haha. Anyways, he's got some of the great pictures that my little digital camera just couldn't produce. I only published the ones that look semi-decent. Specifically, check out Harris Lake (that's the mountain tarn that I forgot to get a decent photo of).

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Well, I made it back alive! Looked doubtful for a while... the 2 guys I went with train for this stuff! 12 hours for my first day was a bit much for my body I think. Paid for it with a very tired and fed up knee... it decided to seize up on the last day. But I made it out with a good walking stick, and since it was only a final 3 hour walk, it wasn't too bad.
I'll post up some pictures when I get a chance to sort through them. Most didn't turn out well, since it was overcast for the first, and longest, day. But there's a few that are worth looking at.
And Queenstown is quite nice. We just stopped for lunch on Sunday. Very much the tourist spot. And I could definitely see the attraction for anyone under 30 who is backpacking around... very trendy, party scene.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

This weekend kinda bit. It rained the whole time and all of my plans fell through. So Sunday, to avoid getting cabin fever, I decided to go to a Transport and Science museum. Interesting idea, but very mom and pop... a Russian in the guestbook summed it up perfectly: "seems like you just put your junk on display. Nice and old junk, but still junk. Good collection!". Granted, they had a very good collection of old cars and wagons. Everything else is a shambles. Could barely fit into some of the rooms, it felt like! And the lighting was VERY poor, hence I only had a few pictures that turned out on our mini-digi-cam.

None of my buggy/carriage pictures turned out (they were really old! and in good condition), and most of the car ones didn't either. Although thankfully, the one I really wanted to turn out did! I was impressed by this... an electric car from 1980. In production! From New Zealand!? Never caught on, and I gather they went under from trying...

here is the plaque for it...

When I exited the carriage 'barn', I ended up attracting a few followers...

Highlight of my trip! Finally, for good measure, here was another cool item. A one-handed, pedal wheelchair! Steer with the left hand, pedal with the right. (the picture almost turned out... see if you can find the hand crank! It's on the right hand side, almost at head level)