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Friday, January 30, 2004

Now it looks like my little Kairkoura road trip is going to be delayed :(
However, that's because I may be going on a tramping (hiking) trip to the South of the Island!! :>
It's called the Routeburn...
and no, we're NOT taking the tour from the link above... we're just renting some huts for a few bux a night. This link might give better info, since it's by the govt.
Plan to leave next Thursday night, hike Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and return Sunday night. Pretty packed trip, but I'm not planning it. Going with Stefan, another Brad, and someone else (don't know them yet) from Tait.

And here are some pics, for fun. The first one is to show off the surrealist quality that our camera can take on sometimes. If the lighting is just right, it really mucks up the CMOS, I guess (have to ask the semiconductor guys at the lab sometime...)

And this one is for all you activists out there. The sign says "Civil Defence" with an arrow pointing left. I guess it's someone's way of making the point, but the funny thing is that it's right by a school... guess they have some fairly liberal teachers.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Well, change of plans. No more Dutch. I have had too many people (and myself) telling me that Dutch is not worth it. I think it's true, since we'll only be in Belgium and Holland for a few weeks. So, I'm gonna focus more on German. And I'll take an Indian cooking course instead! Should be fun. They're doing the whole spectrum... meals, appies, dessert. Starts in a few weeks.
Kung-fu is going well. The new style is really nice. And everyone is super friendly. Turns out that 90% of the students are... students! Grad students and such.
And my first conference paper is on it's way. I'll be sending it in for submission in the next few weeks. Hopefully it gets accepted. Then Emillie and I will have to start planning out how we plan to get to and from Barcelona. The conference is in mid-Sept., and we plan to be near Poland at that time. So we'll probably train (or find a cheap flight) to Barcelona just for a week. Anyways, it'll be interesting to see how it works out.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I'm getting all setup for stuff to do in my open evenings... so far I've enrolled in a Dutch course starting in a few weeks (getting preped for our biking start in Amstredam) and will be attending a Kung-Fu class twice a week. Looks like fun... it's again a new style, different from the last one I did. Very relaxed atmosphere, which is key (reminds me of Master Sutherland's class in Robson). A friend from work introduced me to it, so I even have a built in sparring partner (:>), as long as I don't hit too hard, anyways...
That's the link. Also plan to go to the friday Buskers evening show. Should be fun! The festival ends this Sunday.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Hello everyone...
well, the International Buskers Festival is on right now in Christchurch. I've seen a few acts so far. A contortionist, and woman rolling in a hamster wheel (she was quite good, entering and exiting the wheel while it was rolling), and a yo-yo exhibitionist. Here are some pictures of the yo-yo guy (and one of the yo-yo girl).

The first is of the yo-yo guy with a "looong" yo-yo.

And one of their finale, with both yo-yo guy and gal.

Finally got over to Lyttelton. I went on a trip this past Saturday afternoon. It was nice out, and I just had new gears put on my bike (finally! I can change 1 gear at a time!).

This first pic is at the pass between Lyttelton and Christchurch. Man, is the way down ever quick... I had a wind at my back for the whole way down, and could have easily passed the cars I was following.

This one is looking down the bay towards the Pacific, after getting down the hill.

And this one is looking in the other direction, East.

This is a pic of a little inlet on the way up the bay to Lyttelton. Thought the boats were cool.

And here is a village across from Lyttelton. Can't remember the name right now...

Lyttelton is older than Christchurch, and has nice buildings, but it's rather compact and has no central area to take a photo of (that I found, anyways). It is the main port for the South Island however, and thus has a lot of activity. I thought that this loader was interesting... it was capable of stacking 3 railway boxes on top of each other. The drivers were as frantic as ants, unloading a freshly arrived cargo ship.

And on my way back, I went through Sumner. Here is a pic of Sumner as viewed from the top of the pass.

Later all.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Well, if anyone's noticed, I've finally added mine and Emillie's Bowron lakes trip photos in a photo album. Just a few pics that I chose. We were on the lake circuit for 6 or 7 days at the end of July this past summer. Good times!

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Not too much going on right now... it's just too hot outside! I'll hit the beach tomorrow.
I'll be putting up some pictures from our Bowron lakes trip this summer 2002. A little late, but better late then never. And my fish Gus died :< He was kinda acting weird since I got him in any case... ask Emillie. Well Jack and Meg are doing ok (named for the white stripe down one of Meg's sides). Think that Gus, who was a Bronze fin-tail goldfish, just had too much excitement on the trek back from the pet store. We had them in a bag on the handlebar of the tandem.
Oh, and I'm finally getting started in my languages for our Europe trip. Guten tag! Ich bin au Vancouver. Ich wohner au Christchurch.
Need to brush up on my Russian too though... ochen trudnaya, kogda ya chitaet v german ee russkee!

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Posted another album of mine and Emillies road trips to Akaroa, Castle Hill Basin, and Nelson, with our beach trip to Sumner as well. Check em out! Real cool pictures of Castle Hill ( Emillie, you're right, I love this little camera! )

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Emillie has been here and gone. I'll be putting up the latest pictures of our car trip to Nelson, and our daytripping around the Plains. Now that I have the funky new digital camera, I'll be posting pictures all the time! Happy New Year everyone!