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Thursday, January 23, 2003

I just completed my first TA session EVER! It was great cause when I started talking there were only 5 people in the room, and when I ended there were around 15 or 20. I'm not at all used to talked to more than 5 people (I get pretty nervous in presentations) so this worked out great!
This past weekend we went to the anti-war march downtown to show our support. Much more impressive than the march a few months ago (probably 10 times the turnout).
And I will be attending my first poster conference... the ASI Exchange in downtown Van. Mainly for students and local companies, and I need to do a LOT of reading before my poster is ready, but I think it'll work out well. Come on by and take a look if your around Van on March 11! It's free!

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Back to school! Just settling into my new digs... the new lab that is. Seems like a graveyard right now... so much room and stuff, and I'm the only one here right now.
The Xmas break was great. Emillie and I had a great time in the 'Gar, visiting family and hanging out in Nelson. We also had a great time driving back. On the Hope-Princeton, instead of the usual 1-1/2 hours, it took us around 5, due to some very lame driving on the part of some very hurried drivers. But we made it home before midnight, so all's well. New Years in Victoria was great too, hanging around with a few good friends. Came back on the 1st, and helped Dylan and Tara move into the West End. Well, off to my first classes tonight. I'm taking 2 courses, looking in on another, and TA'ing yet another. Should be fun.