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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Up in the mountains

Happy Canada Day!
We spent last week visiting Baba in Castlegar.  It was a great trip!  Punctuated by hot, hot weather, thunderstorms and lots of swimming.

We spent several days swimming in the Millennium Pools.  They are a series of three shallow pools (connected by little rivers and water slides between each step down) that draw water from the fridged Columbia River.  The pools get warmer as the water flows from one to the next.  And the well groomed sand was fun for the kids to muck around in.

These ponds were so extraordinary that they would easily make Castlegar a MUST for anyone with young kids.  The setting is beautiful, the beach is well groomed and the water is calm.  Even Uliana (who hates most water parks) became an enthusiastic swimmer.
  You can see the Columbia in the background of this photo.
And in the morning the freshly raked sand is smooth enough for a sand angel.
We also bought a slip and slide to use at Baba's house (isn't her view amazing?).
And here's a (rare) family photo from Zuckerberg's Island.
The only tricky part about visiting Castlegar is the travel time!  It's 12 hours total to drive (including ferry).  But surprisingly the kids were amazing in the car!  We did listen to HOURS of children's audio books, but listening to the original versions of Hans Christian Anderson's stories and Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang was very academic for us as well.  Apparently there was quite a bit of violence in Children's stories!

(I just included these last two photos because I liked them.)

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