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Monday, June 22, 2015

It's my party!

It's the end of school... and the end of an era as Nikolai turns into a 7 year old.  With his adult teeth, reading abilities and strength of character, he is moving from the realm of a little kid into big kid territory.

He wanted a Minecraft party.  Which basically meant that the kids just played Minecraft the entire time.
However, Uliana enjoyed my Minecraft cubed food.
And Brad, Grammy and I got to chill-lax on the deck while the kids all stayed inside glued to the screen.  I felt only a bit guilty about my hippy ideals... but hey! it's Nikolai's party, he can play video games if he wants to.  The Minecraft cake was certainly a hit!
And here's one last photo... of Uliana... who is still firmly a little kid. She decided to celebrate our first bit of rain in at least 1 month (maybe 2?).
Now... I need to get packing for a week of hot, hot, Interior weather.  And for the non-locals, The Interior is BC's Southern mountain range.

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