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Thursday, April 30, 2015

I'm walking on Sunshine!

The weather has been great!  Which is definitely fun for life!  (Though they're predicting a summer of drought and water restrictions... we don't mind brown grass).

We have spent most of our time building six large planters. The list of tasks has been endless... from getting the wood... to building them... lining them... filling them with soil... (we got 3 tonnes of dirt that we hauled up a flight of stairs to our decks in buckets) and then we finally did our planting last night.  So here's before photo of our blah, empty front deck... and Uliana and Brad working away.  I'll post the after photo once we've got some sprouts.  Right now they are mostly just expensive works of art describing the importance of dirt.
And Nikolai finally lost his other front tooth!
And now to finish off some pics from the TC 10 K this weekend.  As per usual... Brad ran the full race, Nikolai and I ran the 1.5 km race and Uliana road the route in high flying style.  However, I do think she might have been trampled by the onslaught of excited 7 year olds if had she decided to run on her own.
The kids also had fun getting inked.

Running through the obsticle course (Uliana was the smallest person able to do it.  She's very determined when she wants to be!)

And Meeting a giant carrot!
We have a very busy weekend coming up, so I may have another blog to share next week or two.  I feel like it's the start of summer already.  The rest of our DIY projects will have to wait until fall. There are too many adventures to be had!

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