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Friday, October 31, 2014

Est-ce que tu as peur de cette nuit?

Happy Halloween!  Maybe tomorrow I'll have a photo of our family themed costume.  But for now, I thought I'd post a photo of just the kids.  Can you guess our theme?

And last weekend we went to Castlegar to visit with Baba and Deda!  We lucked out with decent weather (though us Islanders found 9 C to be cold):

And we all enjoyed listening to Baba read some stories.

The only downside was the fact that Nikolai was sick with the flu for the WHOLE trip!

And here's something I found to be a bit weird.  Uliana wasn't given a lap belt for ANY of our 4 flights.  As the airline hosts explained... we were to hold her in a "burping position" with one arm, and keep the other arm braced against the seat in front of us.  As though I could hold a 26 lbs screaming toddler for all those landing and take offs!  Though I will admit we took out an insurance policy on good behaviour, by handing her a lollipop for each of the flights.  It was her first real dose of sugar, and we can now safely say that she doesn't seem to have inherited Nikolai's sucrose sensitivity!

And here's a few photos of Uliana.  We're rounding up to 22 months, and she always amazes me with her go-getter gumption.  At this age they are changing everyday.  This week she's mastered her colours, counting to 10 and insists on doing most things herself.

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