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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Bonjour mes amis!

The strike is finally over!  And hopefully by next week, we will have settled down into our usual routine.  Phew!

Classes officially started last week.  Though due to some changes in the teachers' contracts, classes needed to be reshuffled. So last week Nikolai bounced between various classrooms and teachers.  He didn't land into his final classroom assignment until this Monday.

Which means this week is full of catch up from a month of disarray.  Today is the Terry Fox Run, tomorrow is Class Pictures Day and Friday is the first hot lunch day.  He starts with the swim club tomorrow and has his music class on Fridays.

Meanwhile, I have been doing child care swaps with Uliana (got to get writing!), going to playgroups and kinder-gyms.  Suddenly the free and easy days of summer have transformed into a fully scheduled fall.

Even our weekends aren't that footloose and fancy free, as Nikolai suddenly has party invitations piling up!  One of the advantages of befriending many of the boys AND the girls in his classes. Although it's always a challenge for me to deal with the treats and cake that come along with the parties.  

Here's some photos from Nikolai's first day at school.  Looking like a serious first-grader.

Finally going back!
Uliana enjoying some fall fruit.
Her hair does go curly when it gets wet.  The only trick is that washing her hair is a bit like trying to wash a cat.  Even earplugs don't help block the screaming... so it doesn't happen that often.

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