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Friday, August 01, 2014

Let's do it again!

We loved camping on Saltspring Island so much when we went in June, that we decided to do it again!

This time we brought Auntie Claire and Colin.  We also brought Brad, which meant a much higher child-to-adult ratio and generally made for a more relaxing trip.

So we toured the Saltspring Island Cheese dairy.
Did some tight rope walking at the farmer's market.
Got messy with the delicious gluten free vegan poutine.
Uliana's really gotten into swimming in the ocean lately.  It's was pretty darn chilly, and only Brad was brave enough to join her. (Though maybe it's just that he has a stronger parenting instinct?  There was no way I was going in.)  She spent the whole time hollering at Nikolai, trying to convince him to join her without much success.
But the real kudos for the trip goes out to Colin, who literally was picked up from the airport and taken camping.  Due to the jet lag resulting from his arrival from London, and the fact that he stayed up for nearly 27 hours straight without any real caffeine, he had the most amazing sleep ever... and was likely the only one in the campground to sleep through Uliana's 2 am tantrum!
Just one final photo... taken by one of Brad's co-workers, who was surprised to see us cycling along heavily loaded.  Brad carried all our gear and Uliana (using a tricky combination of 4 panniers, the baby seat and the baby trailer), and I towed along Nikolai.  I barely made it, but Brad was pretty smooth sailing.  I guess all that racing does help!  Though I would like to say in my defense that Nikolai is at least double Uliana's weight, and he spent most of the time coasting, not pedaling!
(Clearly he has a better camera than I do...) :-)

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