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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Everything is illuminated

So here's my big new project... Fermenting for Foodies

it's a recipe blog entirely devoted to fermented foods.

It is my new passion for three reasons:

1. There's not a lot of good recipes for fermented foods on the web (I'm talking beyond sauerkraut and yogurt).

2. It is VERY likely that gut bacteria will help me and my kids with our digestive issues. (We are currently very restricted as Uliana still can't eat eggs, coconut products and pine nuts.  Nikolai can't eat sugar and sulfites and the doctor just added gluten to the list).  Dinner around here is seriously limited!  I blame my bout of appendicitis, which was followed by a round of 4 different IV antibiotics which stripped my body of all bacteria.  Since babies get their bacteria from their mothers, it would make sense that they might not have a great flora either.

3. My stomach seems to prefer prefermented grains. And really at this point it's either preferemented grains or a grain free meals... so fermenting is my new thing!

I will keep this blog going too... but at the same pokey pace that I've been currently blogging.  Especially now that summer is upon us and we are busy, busy, busy.

Here's some pics from a recent camping trip.  We went to Salt Spring Island with some friends... and it was beautiful.  We also scored some pretty taste gluten free-veggie friendly poutine.  We're definitely planning another trip back there this summer!

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