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Thursday, March 06, 2014

When in Rome

Our trip so far has mostly been focused on teaching Uliana to travel.  Ever since she's joined our family she has been the dominating personality... and that fact has only grown as she's learned how to walk, talk etc. So our trip was sure to be dictated by the smallest member of our household.

Luckily the flight went fantastically well.  We were given an infant bassinet seat in the bulk head of the plane. It meant that Uliana could happily sleep reclined, and that the rest of us had plenty of leg room.  We were seated in a section of babies... but I was the lucky mom that got to listen to other people's babies scream for most of the 9 hours (so much better than listening to my own baby)!

As it turns out Uliana was just saving up her screaming for after our arrival.  It's a nightly thing that occurs for about 1 hour at bedtime... only with the jet lag, it became something that she woke up to do in the early morning hours.  The time has slowly moved back from 4 am on our first night to midnight last night... but it has made it hard for the rest of us to quickly adjust.  Luckily everyone is sleeping in late... so we just rearranged our life to work around a late bedtime.

The only issue is that our late start in the mornings means that we really only have 2-3 hours to sightsee everyday.  Add that to the fact that Uliana lacks the patience that comes with maturity... have meant that we really haven't tried to do too much.  For example, we went to the Vatican... but didn't go into any of the museums, nor even the free St. Peter's Basillica (the line up was at least an hour long).
But we had a week to spend here, so we have seen LOTS.

Villa Borghese


Today was our first "full" day of sightseeing, and we went to the Roman Forum and Colosseum.  Since the Forum is basically a huge, ruined playground, it was pretty popular with our crowd.

I'm about to be attacked by a pint-sized gladiator so I think this blog is done! (Nikolai spent his Italy spending money on a sword and trained Uliana how to use it...)

On that note, Nikolai also is starting a blog.  It's called Sam and Lucy's adventures.

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The Tewksburys said...

Rome was, and still is, the hardest place we have ever traveled with our kids. Avery was about the same age as Ulinana when we went. It made for some great memories!
I hope you enjoyed your visit to Ireland!

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