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Friday, November 29, 2013

A confession

Here's the thing...

And I'm sure it's no surprise...

But I really, really don't have time to blog.

Or I do, but only if I there isn't something more pressing

My life is fully packed.  So I'm often forced to choose between blogging, or say... showering.  (Ok it's not really that dramatic, but it's nearly that dramatic).

It's the thing about having two kids... in very different age groups... I basically am fully busy with each of them... all the time.

And the truth is that I started to write this blog 2 weeks ago, and am only now getting to finish it!  So my blog will be spotty over the next little while... (to say the least) though I want to keep posting recipes!  I suspect that will simply fall on the long list of things I want to do. (Read, knit, garden, paint, finish the laundry... I mean ACTUALLY finish the laundry, not just skim off the top so that the kids look clean enough to be allowed indoors.)

Here is a picture of Uliana helping out by unloading the groceries from the cupboards. Above is Nikolai and Brad sharing an academic moment.  Actually scratch that... blogger doesn't feel like uploading that photo and I've got to collect Nikolai from school (and wake up a sleeping baby... the burden of being a little sister.)

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