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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Numbers, letters, learn to spell; nouns and books and show and tell.

Yesterday was Nikolai's first day of school.  And he was SO ready, mainly because he was really tired of hanging around with Uliana and I all day!

He came home full of stories about recess, snack/lunchtimes, the teacher who kept talking in French and his first French word... Bonjour!  (Though he isn't yet aware of it, he already has several other words in his French vocabulary that I tend to use around the house.  Most of them are commands... it somehow makes me feel less like a "nagging mother" to nag in a second language!)

Now despite my wish to reflect upon the sensitive and thoughtful soul that Nikolai has (and how the cruel school playground might break him of that sensitivity!!) I am far too busy with... well... I'm going to save that for yet another blog (excitement, excitement)!  For now I have to be confident that any adversity in the schoolyard will simply breed resilience. 

I don't even have time to blog a recipe. I am ever so far behind... and there is so much to do!

Above is a picture of Nikolai on his way to his first day of school... and below is Uliana enjoying the dinner out celebration.  Both of them were too full of the moment to make a camera face for me.

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Shane Doran said...

I have the same concerns about the playground for my son, Griffin, who is also sensitive and thoughtful. There have already been some ups and downs in the first week and we also think that the adversity -> resilience is a good salve for a few bumps and tears.

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