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Friday, September 13, 2013

Cinq, six, sept, Violette en bicyclette

So how does our car free family make the 2 km commute to and from school every day?

We could walk it... but that would be exhausting for Nikolai and time consuming.

We could bus it... but it's not on a good route for us.

And before I give away the answer let me distract you with a picture of Nikolai's lunch box.
Ah, so pretty.  Gone are the days of sandwiches wrapped up in wax paper.  Nikolai has homemade homous and naan, and the veg are all home grown.

So how does Nikolai get to school?  In a very styling bakfiet!
We needed something that would be safe for Uliana (still only 8 months), yet spacious enough for Nikolai.  Voila the Babboe City Bike.  After three days of commuting this way: Uliana no longer minds wearing her helmet, Nikolai enjoys waving at the tourists, and my arms and legs are starting to feel it.

Our route may be short, but it involves many up and down hills as we climb over Beacon Hill to the swamp of Cook Street, back up again on the other side.  (and I'm not being rude by referring to Cook Street as a swamp... because it used to be a salt water swamp!)  Luckily the gear ratio on the bike is quite high so I have no problems making the climb.  It's a fun way to ride, and has a "rain tent" for those days when it's not so warm and sunny.

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