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Friday, September 27, 2013

Bicycle races are coming your way

This month we have been kept very busy with two MAJOR projects.

The first belongs to Brad... who completed the 140km Tour de Victoria cycle race last weekend.  (Though it was Brad's accomplishment, he couldn't have done it without my support!)  The prize is for finishing... though he deserves a prize for changing the most tires... two of his own flats and stopped to help a friend with a third flat!
And here is the final clue to our other big project.
We will be moving this weekend!  (This was mainly my accomplishment, but I couldn't have done all the packing without Brad's support!)

It will be a dramatic change from cold and beautiful heritage house, to a warm and family friendly co-operative townhouse.  We'll lose the big backyard and stained glassed windows; but we'll gain shared ownership and a built in community!

Now to finish packing...

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MLBR said...

Congrats on the Tour and the new digs!

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