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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer days

Victoria is FULL of things to do and see.  With Nikolai at home from summer camp these past two weeks, we have been enjoying everything there is to do an see in this beautiful city. 

This primarily involved going to the Buskers festival, as we caught a total of 5 different shows, and watched the Magician twice.  I HIGHLY recommend attending a Buskers fest.  It's much more than you expect... not just some beatnik travelers with a harmonica and guitar... but street performers who require an actual stage for their performance.  It is like attending a circus in small half-hour chunks.  We saw fire juggling, acrobatics, Cirque du Soleil style performers, clowns, contortionists and of course... the magician. 

We also have been going to the free Concerts in the Park (as photographed by Nikolai).
Having picnics in the park.
And playing in the waterparks (even when we forget our swim trunks).
We spent a morning at Dan's Farm feeding the goats with the goat-mobile.
And picking raspberries.
Lastly, we've also had some fun at home...
...and making sushi!
I'm not going to write this down as a recipe... since I'm certainly not very good at it!  But I would encourage you to try it at home, as it's especially fun for children.  There are many, many other websites offering "how-to's" for sushi.

We filled our rolls with thinly sliced carrot, spring onion, red pepper, cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, and steamed yam.  Brad does a weekly roll-your-own sushi lunch with his co-workers and they use canned salmon or tuna for their fish.
These were our first three rolls... not so professional... but tasty!

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