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Thursday, June 27, 2013

On a carousel of time

This week Nikolai graduated from preschool. (He had really great teachers...)
He also turned 5 years old, and threw himself a Robot themed party.  I'm a good baker, but my cake decorating skills need work.  Though I had gluten free, dairy free and sugar free diets work with!  (3 of Nikolai's 5 guests had food allergies -which did make us all pause with wonder).
 Home made decorations took all week!
The kids made robot costumes and went on parade to the neighbours houses (the far neighbour has chickens... who did seemed to appreciate the parade).
 Everyone had fun!  (The robot table centerpiece took us all week to make.)

Uliana turned 6 months and earnestly started on solids.  (And she likes sitting in the rainbows from the prisms in our stained glass windows.)

But I don't have time to reflect on how old everyone around here is getting... because we're taking Aisling and Layla camping tomorrow!  So I've got to organize gear and food for a large group... then I get to figure out the logistics of camping with a baby!
So, although I have a recipe prepared to share, I simply don't have the time to type it out.  My floor is a heap of food and camp gear.  I have two loads of laundry (plus diapers) to wash before I can pack any of our personal effects.  And I have a very hyper Nikolai who needs to go outdoors at regular intervals..!  Today I feel as though I need a good dose of luck to be able to accomplish everything.

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