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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The truth about babies

The truth about babies is that they cry.  A lot.  Uliana got over that colic-y night time crying just a few days before she turned 3 months.  Then less than a week later she started crying all day.  She cried before naps, after naps, during diaper changes, if left on the floor, in her bouncy chair, in the highchair or in the stroller.  Basically she wants to be held.  And she'd prefer it if Mama was the one doing the holding.

Today was a particularly "fun" day (quotations are used to indicate my sarcasm).  By the time Brad got home I was a wreck.  My head, neck and shoulders ached from having carried her around all day. My nerves were shot simply because it was a gorgeous day and I couldn't do anything to enjoy it.  I couldn't get to any of the chores in the garden.  We couldn't spend more than a few minutes at the playground.  The beach offered no reprieve.  Uliana was not going to be happy anywhere.

When the fussiness first started 4 weeks ago I thought that she might have been ill.  She had teething symptoms (drool, red cheeks, chewing) but the fussiness was too extreme for that.  My friend (who is a dentist) suggested that I have her checked out by a doctor for an ear ache.

A clean bill of health lead me to look at her naps as contributing to the problem.  She was cat napping about 8 times a day.  So the past two weeks I've worked on keeping her awake for at least 2 hour stretches.  She's sleeping better and is down to 4 naps a day... but still fussy.

So to ease my nerves I've set up a mental casino game.  There are four teeth pushing up in white lumps as the main contenders in the race, the bottom two front teeth and the top canines (vampire baby?).  My bet is that the bottom-right side tooth erupting sometime in the next two weeks.  Here's hoping I'm right!

Here are some photo of Uliana taken right before bed. This is her "Hi Mama, I'm so glad to see you!" face. (It's the smile that keeps me sane).
It was quickly followed by her "pick me up RIGHT NOW or I'll cry face." 
In lieu of a recipe I want to share some photos from the Maritime Museum (from a visit mid-March).  Nikolai loves the museum mainly because he's very interested in boats and pirates.  I'm not sure whether it's an age related shift or due to exposure; but he LOVED trains in Ireland, and now that we live on the coast he loves boats.

The first floor is all about pirates and battles on the BC coast line.  They even have a mock pirate ship for kids to play on.
The top floor is the old court house for BC.
It also boasts the oldest elevator in BC!  It requires an operator, and was rickety enough that Nikolai WAS NOT going to even step in it.  He'd rather climb the 4 flights of stairs.
And lastly, here's some pictures of a cake I made for my mother using the donut muffin recipe.  I baked a double recipe of the donut muffins with a gluten-free flour mix.  It was very dense.  So I sliced the cake up into 4 layers which I filled with a berry compote and whipping cream.  Yummy.
Uliana was positively drooling over Brad's piece.

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