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Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm so tired my mind is on the blink

Oh My God... March break is here... two weeks without preschool...

I never knew how much I absolutely RELIED on those two and a half hours without Nikolai to get things done.  I am even more desperate for the weekend than usual, and I am wondering what I'm going to do when summer holidays come around!

Though I will admit that the insanity is partly self-induced....

...From the people who decided to take their 1 month old to a ski-hill birthday party comes the exciting new sequel: Throwing a Giant Saint Patrick's Day Party with a two-month old!

I have spent the week getting as ready as I can.  Highlights include: balancing 3 cases of beer on my stroller with my baby and preschooler in tow; and cooking with a preschooler while changing/nursing/soothing the baby.

This morning's adventure involved Nikolai accidently knocking a mixing bowl of chocolate-crispy buns onto the kitchen floor, and Uliana throwing herself backwards out of the carrier into aforementioned mixing bowl (while mixing batch number two).  Now if it sounds like I'm an over achiever for making food for the party, it's because you've never tried to make chocolate crispy buns as they are dead easy.

Anyways, I'm sure we'll survive the party intact (only 13 children coming + adults!) and I'm one step closer to being a completely insane parent (smiley face).

Now for some pics:

Nikolai as a dragon with a really cool dragon balloon from the French Festival
At the Victoria Royal's hockey game.  (It proved to be a bit loud for Uliana, she basically had a giant freak out afterwards).
Our first salad of the season entirely from our garden.  (I know it's bragging a bit... the lettuce was grown under cover, and Brad deserves credit for his green thumb).
And Uliana looking ever so pleased with Nikolai's rendition of "The Wheels on the Bus".

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The Tewksburys said...

I am sure you are now even more thankful that you only had one child while in Ireland, it is so much more work with two :) I am glad everything is going well!!

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