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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A trip to the snow

This past weekend we went on our first adventure with Uliana.  Our friend, Dylan, organized a ski weekend at Mount Cain.  Mount Cain is a small, community-run ski hill, famous for it's snow.  And we certainly weren't disappointed on that front!  After a 45-minute drive up a logging road we found ourselves at the foot of a t-bar lift and surrounded by cabins. 

The next day Brad got to ski on at least 2 feet of fresh powder.  And here's the picture to prove it, as that is overnight accumulation of snow on our co-op car.
Though Nikolai wasn't too keen on the snow, the trip also had a few other highlights.

We met up with my friend (and former undergrad roommate), Tara.  She has two kids that are both just a bit older than my children.  And she is also a talented photographer, so in a few weeks time I should be able to post some REALLY good family photos.

We also dropped into Morningstar Farm on the way home for a nice farm tour.  Farms were very much a part of our life in Ireland... but in the past year Nikolai has transformed into a real city slicker.  He was quite afraid of the friendly horse, and only consented to pet the rabbits.
Anyways, my review of the trip is a bit clouded by the fact that it was MUCH more work than I'd anticipated.  Though I'm not exactly sure why I wasn't a bit more prepared for things! Traveling with a baby is work.  Traveling with a preschooler is work.  When you have one of each, your job is basically twice as hard.  Throw in the fact that we all have special diets and the fact that we stayed in a different place each night... well I'm still recovering from the exhaustion.

However I do need to send out a kudos to Nancy, who stayed with me in the lodge when Brad went snowboarding. Now for some more pictures of snow.

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