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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two solutions to one problem

Last week was a disaster in the form of a really sore throat and a fever of 103-104 F.  The intense sore throat was the first symptom, and I pretty much recognized it as strep.  However, given that the news is all about how the flu is taking over British Columbia, I decided to give my throat some time to manifest into a runny nose and more.

It never happened so I went to the doctor to get my requisite prescription for antibiotics.  I'd had strep in Ireland and my doctor over there was very threatening about the antibiotics.  If I didn't take the full course I would end up with rheumatic fever, scarlet fever, pneumonia and more!  I didn't take the full course as my mom was visiting.  She ended up getting strep, so I shared my pills with her.

Healthcare in BC is pretty well driven by best-practice research (except in really emotional circumstances like cancer, where we often over treat).  Hence the pro-breastfeeding and anti-antibiotic campaigns.  Regardless, I would have thought that a drop-in clinic doctor (not my family doctor) would have been pushing the drugs in the case of strep throat.

However, I was quite wrong... he did give me a prescription... but it came with all sorts advice about not using it.  First of all he swabbed me to determine if it was strep.  The test results would take three days.  I should be over strep in three days, when he would call me with the results, but if I wasn't THEN I could take the drugs.  As he put it, the risk of developing an allergic reaction to penicillin is greater than the risk of the strep causing a serious illness.  (He is right about that... apparently the strains that used to cause rheumatic fever aren't really around anymore.)  Furthermore, I am breastfeeding, so my baby is protected from illness.  But if I take the antibiotic then she'll be taking it as well and we could both get thrush, not to mention digestive issues.

So instead I followed his prescription of gargling salt water every hour (1/2 tsp of salt to 1 cup of water).  It worked!  On Saturday he called to tell me I did indeed have strep, but I was much better by then and drugs were not needed.

Now, not having eaten or cooked much in the past few days means that I don't have a recipe to share.  But I will post some photos.  While I was sick Uliana learned how to smile (no photos... I was too sick, the photos are from the previous weekend) and Nikolai built a lego town (complete with 3 castles, 2 fire stations, a skyscraper, a park and a gas station). 

Uliana's chubby cheeks.
Walking downtown (isn't Nikolai cool on his scooter!)
Getting those antibodies down before I even got sick.

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Dina said...

You poor sick thing and with a new baby too. Love the photos! Cant wait to see Uliana's smile. Good scootering Nikolai! Looks like the same one Lachlan rides.

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