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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Holding my breath

I almost don't dare to mention this to anyone because, like a magic spell, it might burst the calm in my house...

... Uliana is a great sleeper...

...and she has yet to even really start to cry...

I know that we still have a few more days for that famous 4th trimester colic to kick in, but so far she only protests diaper changes.

Instead she communicates through a series of coos and squeaks.  It actually makes interpretation of what she wants pretty easy.  With Nikolai I was busily trying to figure out whether his cry was a "nah" or "wah" according to the trend of interpreting Baby Language. On the other hand, Uliana is an obvious book... she coos when she wakes up.  She has another coo for wanting to nurse.  Heavy grunting means that she's working on filling her diapers, and mild grunting with her tongue sticking out means that she wants to burp.

Since Nikolai was quite colicky... I did my research before Uliana was born. I now know that sulfites do come through breast milk.  It certainly explains why Nikolai's eczema started before he was on solids.  For Uliana I am staying off sulfites and all other potential "colic inducing foods".  The idea that foods, beyond dairy, can cause colic is pretty much denied in the mainstream.  But I think that this is because they don't want to discourage Moms from nursing.  I'll share the results of my experimentation later... but so far my only really horrible night was after testing eggs. 

Anyways... I could include a recipe, but since I'm currently on a fairly bland and restricted diet, it's hard to want to share what I'm eating!  However, my plan for the blog in 2013 is to include a recipe for every entry.  It will give me a way to focus the blog when my life is a dance between preschool, dirty diapers and working on my creative writing with every free moment.  (Let's hope 2013 is the year I get something published! This fall I submitted two short stories, and I still haven't heard back about either of them.)

Here is Brad taking our Christmas tree to the chipper.
And Uliana getting ready to go out today.  At two weeks she's already grown out of her newborn clothes!

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Ash said...

Lovely words on getting to know Uliana. She looks very like Nikolai. I love her knitted hat & cardi :)
Was it difficult to cycle with the tree Brad?
Aisling and I along with the kids called to see Elaine two weeks ago. It was brilliant to catch up, the boys and Layla played together and Elaine made homemade pizzas - yum. Hopefully it wont be a year before I visit again! Emillie, you were missed xx

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